Learn a language with Linguti.

Language learning lessons

Teaching approach

Linguti courses have a clear structure. Short exercises are designed to help you learn new vocabulary and grammar effectively. Reviews help you remember everything you’ve learned. Linguti gives instant grading at the end of each exercise and immediately shows which answers you get correct. Textbooks help you understand the grammar and complexity of a language. The grammar notes inside provide you the detailed explanations and let you learn with clarity and context. No more figuring out and feeling clueless.

A balanced structure

Linguti guides you through the learning language and teaches you by understanding the relationships between vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, sentence structure, and tying them all together. Linguti allows learners to discover patterns on their own without needing to focus on language rules. This approach is called implicit learning. It is ideal for developing a solid foundational knowledge of a language and its rules. But explicit instruction is needed for some concepts. Thus, Linguti offers both! Learners can access Textbooks and Learning Tips for explanations on grammar.

Visual learning

Visual learners must see information in order to learn it. Learning a language with Linguti strongly relies on graphic aids to help students easily visualize objects to remember and learn the course material much quicker. Visual learners will benefit from seeing pictures throughout the course, not just for vocabulary. Linguti’s lessons are designed to gradually introduce more advanced grammar as you reach new milestones to help you master the learning language.

Personalized language learning

Every person learns a language at their own pace. Personalized learning makes it possible to get a private tutor experience using the technology. Daily Goal is your commitment to practice a given amount of XP every day. If you meet your Daily Goal your Day Streak increases. Personalization helps to adjust the course and its pace to each user independently.