About Linguti.

Linguti was created so everyone could use it to learn a new language for free. There are no hidden fees - it's just all free.

Linguti feels more like a game than typical classroom lessons. We believe that learning a language is much easier when you have fun.

Language courses

Language courses

Teaching approach.

Linguti courses have a clear structure. Short exercises are designed to help you learn new vocabulary and grammar effectively.

Reviews help you remember everything you’ve learned. Linguti gives instant grading at the end of each exercise and immediately shows which answers you get correct.

Textbooks help you understand the grammar and complexity of a language. The grammar notes inside provide you the detailed explanations and let you learn with clarity and context. No more figuring out and feeling clueless.

Personalized language learning.

Every person learns a language at their own pace. Personalized learning makes it possible to get a private tutor experience using the technology.

Daily Goal is your commitment to practice a given amount of XP every day. If you meet your Daily Goal your Day Streak increases.

Personalization helps to adjust the course and its pace to each user independently.

Language courses

Language courses

Numerous language courses.

Linguti doesn't have one single course for each language but many different ones. They can be shorter or longer and focus on completely different learning materials. Each language course is designed individually and has a different difficulty level. Some courses start from the very beginning where other ones are better fit for more advanced learners.

Language courses don't always focus on completely different vocabulary and grammar. Sometimes they share similar learning material but try to teach it differently. This technique helps students to boost their learning as they are not limited to a single teaching approach. They can choose whichever course they like and see which one works better for them. Students are not limited to a single language course but can select to learn as many as they like.

Making learning a new language fun.

Linguti feels more like a game than typical language lessons. Earn virtual coins and use them to buy power-ups. Level up your account and unlock new ones. Learning a language becomes easier when it's fun.

When you achieve your Daily Goal your Day Streak increases. Set a Daily Goal you can meet and see your Day Streak growing every day. Every 7 days you will receive a special reward which can be modified with power-ups!

You can change your goal at any time. Each change will reset your 7 days reward counter. It will not affect your Day Streak count.

Language courses

Language courses

Stay motivated with trophies.

Stay motivated collecting trophies as rewards for your accomplishments. Unlock trophies by hitting specific milestones or completing certain tasks.

As you acquire them, you see a notification window pop up in the corner of your screen, informing you of the trophy you got.

Continuous improvement.

Linguti improves all the time. You're more than welcome to contact us and send us your feedback or report a bug if you encounter one. Based on your feedback we develop better user experience, add new features, improve existing language courses and add better new ones.

We always try to give you the best possible language education in the world.

Language courses

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