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Why Linguti?

Language Courses

Linguti courses have a clear structure. Short exercises are designed to help you learn new vocabulary and grammar effectively.

Free to Use

We created Linguti so that everyone could use it to learn a new language for free. There are no hidden fees - it's just all free.

Effective Education

Reviews help you remember everything you’ve learned. Linguti gives instant grading at the end of each exercise and immediately shows which answers you get correct.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Every person learns a language at their own pace. Personalized learning makes it possible to get a private tutor experience using the technology.

Visual Learning

Visual learners must see information in order to learn it. Learning a language with Linguti strongly relies on graphic aids to help students remember and learn the course material.

Strategic Pacing

Linguti’s lessons are designed to gradually introduce more advanced grammar as you reach new milestones to help you master the learning language.


Linguti feels more like a game than typical language lessons. Earn virtual coins and use them to buy power-ups. Level up your account and unlock new ones. Learning a language becomes easier when it's fun.


Stay motivated collecting trophies as rewards for your accomplishments. Unlock trophies by hitting specific milestones or completing certain tasks.

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