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FREE and FUN way of learning foreign langauges

Linguti | The new language learning platform

High quality learning material content. Including graphics for image association and audio recordings of native speakers for practicing listening and pronunciation.
Challange your friends and compete together solving selected tasks. Stay notified about their progress and gain additional rewards by winning the challanges and competitions.
Gamification is an awesome and motivating way of learning a language. Compering to the traditional language learning methods, game-like approach keeps the lessons interesting and exciting.
Quick and easy to use tips and hints system. It presents helpful aids for grammar structures, immediately after hovering the selected sentence.
Small-sized lessons make the learning easier and more effective. Learn new material by small steps. Grasp new language knowledge from small lesson chunks.
Personalized feedback gives an instant overiew of your learning progress. The clear grading system illustrates your strengths and weaknesses. Compare it with your friends and start learning together.

Linguti | Free online language courses

Linguti is a learning platform with various langauge courses. It is strongly relaying on intense memorization with subsequent small-size tests and lessons. The exercises improve learners vocabulary knowledge and ability to constract sentences practiced during grammar lessons. It is a great supplement for all the students who pursue their foreign language degree during their education linguistic program.

Available online language courses for languages like German, Japanese, Polish or French are well-structured and tailored to create an efficient way of learning a language. Students are able to adjust their own pace and take lessons and reviews as many times as they need. The course provides gamified language learning experience. Learners collect coins and XP points and are able to level up. They unlock new power-ups and language skills when acquiring new level. Users also lose hearts if their answer is incorrect during the language reviews.

  • Language learning lessons
  • Linguti is an online language learning platform. It makes a great use of gamification in order to keep you motivated and excited about learning new foreign language. It rewards you for your progress and is able to give you a personalized feedback.