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Language learning progress tutorial:

How to check my learning progress

1. After you signed up, log in with the created user. Once you logged in, you will see the progress button located in the top navigation bar. Select it to enter the language learning progress.

2. Inside your language learning progress window, you can select between vocabulary, grammar, reading and strengths. You can see below a screen presenting vocabulary progress. It can look different depending on the language you are learning. In general, you can see a list of vocabulary, the last time when you encountered the word and your result. On the right is presented the legend with description of the scores.
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3. Below is presented grammar learning progress. The main difference to vocabulary progress is that grammar progress is not displaying specific sentences, learners have encountered. Instead, it presents grammar structures which users have practiced.
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4. Reading progress is not available for all languages but for Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Polish. Students can see their reading progress, check the characters they have learned and corresponding sounds.
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5. Strenghts display how well learners are familiar with different language learning parts, like listening, reading, writing, etc.
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FREE and FUN way of learning foreign languages

Linguti | The new language learning platform

High quality learning material content. Including graphics for image association and audio recordings of native speakers for practicing listening and pronunciation.
Challange your friends and compete together solving selected tasks. Stay notified about their progress and gain additional rewards by winning the challanges and competitions.
Gamification is an awesome and motivating way of learning a language. Compering to the traditional language learning methods, game-like approach keeps the lessons interesting and exciting.
Quick and easy to use tips and hints system. It presents helpful aids for grammar structures, immediately after hovering the selected sentence.
Small-sized lessons make the learning easier and more effective. Learn new material by small steps. Grasp new language knowledge from small lesson chunks.
Personalized feedback gives an instant overiew of your learning progress. The clear grading system illustrates your strengths and weaknesses.
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  • Linguti is an online language learning platform. It makes a great use of gamification in order to keep you motivated and excited about learning new foreign language. It rewards you for your progress and is able to give you a personalized feedback.