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Linguti | Learn Korean, Chinese, Japanese and more

Linguti is a language learning software. Users can find here different language courses and practice their langauge skills and knowledge. Students can learn various courses for different langauges, it is German, French or Japanese, like they were participating in the language learning class. The online language courses are divided on small-sized lessons and reviews.

The lessons help students to learn new vocabulary and practice grammar structures. The reviews improve their language skills and test their knowledge. The learning method in the German, French, Japanese online courses is relaying on intense memorization with subsequent graded tests. This Korean, German and Polish language courses are a great supplement for the classroom course students and the ones who want to gain a language degree during their current education program.

  • Language learning lessons
  • Linguti is an online language learning platform. It makes a great use of gamification in order to keep you motivated and excited about learning new foreign language. It rewards you for your progress and is able to give you a personalized feedback.