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Linguti | Learn Spanish grammar and vocabulary

With Linguti you always know exactly which language part you are going to practice in each lesson. The course structure is divided on varied small-sized lessons and quick reviews to make grasping new material easier.
Each lesson or review has great quality of visual aids and native speakers audio recordings. They are used to make your learning experience enjoyable and efficient. Dividing lessons on small parts helps to acquire the learning material quicker.
Each lesson displays the amount of mistakes you have made. You can immediately redo any lesson and correct your mistakes. By doing repetitions of the exercises you are improving your language skills and knowledge.

Linguti | Online Spanish language learning course

This Spanish online course teaches students a new language with varied tests and exercises. They can practice and test their Spanish skills while solving different language tasks and excersises. This language learning software provides its users a full Spanish lessons for free so their can study a language like they were in a Spanish class. The course is personalized to each student's needs. Anyone can adjust the pace and learn as they like. Students can repeat the Spanish grammar and vocabulary excersises as many times as you whish to get better understanding on the learning subject.

Linguti helps to improve learners' Spanish vocabulary knowledge. It teaches students how to start creating basic sentences and introduces them to more and more complex grammar structures. They solve different type of exercises and practice Spanish listening skills, reading and writing. The learning method used in this Spanish language course is based on intense practice and memorization with subsequent small-sized tests.

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  • Linguti is an online language learning platform. It makes a great use of gamification in order to keep you motivated and excited about learning new foreign language. It rewards you for your progress and is able to give you a personalized feedback.