Gamification in language courses

Awards in language lessons

Linguti language courses are based on gamification which makes lessons entertaining, fun and addictive. Learners are awarded in many different ways throughout the course. They gain XP points and collect coins which can be used to get new power-ups or other unlockable perks. Users taking the course are also awarded with hidden achievements for performing diverse tasks and for their own attainments.


XP are the points which users collect while studying a language and taking reviews. They gain these points for their learning performance and after solving language courses correctly. After collecting the required amount, they achive the higher level and may unlock new bonuses.


Coins are virtual currency on Linguti. They are used to reward people for various accomplishments related to language learning. Coins can be used to buy new power-ups, language skills and custom courses. Coins can be earned by completing the language course, reaching the next XP level, maintaining a day streak: every 7th day of a streak, earn an increasing number of coins (which can be double with a use of power-ups). Coins play important part in the Linguti gamification system.


Power-ups make learning fun and can provide motivation for the students while learning a language. Users can buy them in the shop for coins which are virtual ingame currency. There are many different power-ups which come in handy while taking different reviews. They can restore lost hearts, save users from starting over the review after losing all their hearts or even make them invincible for some amount of time. The power-ups are the key factor in Linguti language course gamification.
There are different categories of the power-ups which can be acquired by users. First one, are the power-ups which can be used within the language reviews. These items are stored in user's collection and you can use them whenever you which by clicking the icon below (during the review):
The second category are the power-ups which improve user's strength and ability forever. The example of this category is the power-up which adds you an extra heart.
The third category are the power-ups related to the day streak. They can manipulate it by pausing it for one whole day or doubling learners final weekly reward.


Students earn achievements while learning a language. They are awarded with them for performing many different tasks. The achievements can be later compared with their friends.


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Custom courses

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Linguti | The new language learning platform

High quality learning material content. Including graphics for image association and audio recordings of native speakers for practicing listening and pronunciation.
Challange your friends and compete together solving selected tasks. Stay notified about their progress and gain additional rewards by winning the challanges and competitions.
Gamification is an awesome and motivating way of learning a language. Compering to the traditional language learning methods, game-like approach keeps the lessons interesting and exciting.
Quick and easy to use tips and hints system. It presents helpful aids for grammar structures, immediately after hovering the selected sentence.
Small-sized lessons make the learning easier and more effective. Learn new material by small steps. Grasp new language knowledge from small lesson chunks.
Personalized feedback gives an instant overiew of your learning progress. The clear grading system illustrates your strengths and weaknesses.
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  • Linguti is an online language learning platform. It makes a great use of gamification in order to keep you motivated and excited about learning new foreign language. It rewards you for your progress and is able to give you a personalized feedback.